Good Lift Kits for Trucks: How to Choose Them Correctly

If you are by any chance wondering what lift kits exactly are, here is your answer: good lift kits for trucks are there to elevate your pickup truck or SUV so that it can have a better off-road capability and make it easier for it to clear the common off-road obstacles.

There are a lot of different lift kits on the market, some of them specific for a certain terrain but they are usually grouped into Body Lift Kits and Suspension Lift Kits.

Body Lift Kits allow the vehicle to be higher by a couple of inches and Suspension Kits elevate the vehicle to the height the driver wants it to be.

People elevate their vehicles both for cosmetic reasons and so that their SUV or their truck can do better in an off-road situation.

Remember These When Looking for Good Lift Kits for Trucks

Here is a step-by –step guide to buying a lift kit.

Firstly, be sure about how much money you want to spend on this feat. Most people are not willing to spend a lot and end up buying a lot of cheap parts that do not actually fit their vehicle and then end up spending more money on adapters or different parts. There are also people willing to spend more but then end up having a vehicle that does great in a specific off-road situation but not that great on-road or for towing.

Think about what your car will mostly be for – and get a lift kit for those situations. What`s even better is that you find a balance and allow your vehicle to perform same in all conditions that you need it for.

After you are certain about your budget and what you`ll use your vehicle for, pick a tire size that you want and get an appropriate lift kit for it or you`ll have to spend extra money on adapters.

Finally, inform yourself on factory suspension specifications and your vehicle type.

Finding the Right Amount of Lift for your Truck

This is also a crucial thing – you need to know exactly how much higher you want your vehicle to be. If you are still not sure, here are some tips.

You could get just a little lift that will give you more space for bigger tires, if that`s what you want. This is the most affordable way to go and it`s quick to install.

Medium-Sized lift is good when you want a lot of tire space but you don`t spend a lot of time off-road. This usually includes a spacer and AAL lifts. You`ll need to have good rear springs and this way has the most noticeable performance.

Bigger Lift will give you that monster look and it will perform better off-road than on-road. Even though this type of lift is the most expensive and there could be some complications, it performs wonderfully off-road and on highway.

Top Lift Kits for Trucks

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When it comes to good Lift Kits for trucks there are a lot of good options out there, but here are the top 5 lift kits:

  1. Pro Comp K3055 2″ Lift Kit with Coil and ES3000 Shocks for Jeep TJ/ LJ ’97-’06
  2. Supreme Suspensions – Toyota Tundra Full Lift Kit
  3. Rough Country 609S 3.5″ Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler
  4. Tuff Country 52925 Suspension Lift Kit
  5. ReadyLift 69-4510 Smart Suspension Technology Lift Kit

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