How to Use Pontoon Boat Storage Tarps Correctly?

In this write-up, we have shed light on the correct way to use the pontoon boat storage tarps. If you are looking for winterizing your pontoon boat, no need to look further. When you are storing your boat outdoors for winters, you need to ensure it is covered properly. Winters can take a toll on your boat if it is not covered correctly. The best way to protect your boat is by using storage tarp. Tarps are a great option to cover your boat from all elements.

If the tarp is not used properly, it will cause several problems. You must make sure the tarp is tied down securely. This is because if the knot is loose, it will damage your boat along with causing damage to other nearby boats.

Using Pontoon Boat Storage Tarps The Right Way

Are you wondering what is the right way to use the storage tarps? We have highlighted the right way to use a storage tarp.

  • The tarp must be longer than your boat, so you can wrap it around the stern and bow. Most of the tarps have enough spaced grommets that enable you to securely tie the tarp.
  • If there is a need, you can get extra tie-down equipment or grommets.
  • It is not an easy task to the tie-down tarp, it is recommended to be extra careful when tying the tarp.
  • You should keep in mind that the tarp will not stay tied down throughout the winter. So, you should get it check it regularly.
  • The stand of the boat will get loose because of the wind. This can lead to destroying your boating experience. This is the reason why you should ensure the stands are bound together.

The Best Pontoon Boat Storage Tarps

We have mentioned the best pontoon boat storage tarps that you must use for keeping your boat safe.

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Vortex Heavy Duty Cover

Vortex Heavy Duty CoverOne of the top choices is cover by Vortex. It is made from quality fabric that is water resilient. The cover is made using 600-denier solution-dyed polyester that makes it long-lasting. It is a universal cover that can be used for various purposes, like storage, mooring, and trailering. The special feature of this tarp is that it comes with elastic along with straps. This is to make sure the cover fits perfectly.

Classic Accessories Stellex Cover

Pontoon Boat Storage TarpsAnother great choice is the Classic Accessories Stellex cover. You can get this cover without breaking your bank. This cover has a strapping and buckling system that will ensure the boat is protected. The straps are flexible that can be adjusted according to the size of your boat and you can buckle it up. This is to make sure the tarp is tied down properly. It is made from polyester that is durable and is capable of resisting dirt and stains.

How to Care For Your Pontoon Boat Storage Tarps

Here are few of the things that you need to keep in mind when taking care of your boat cover.

  • You should not use duct tape on the boat cover, instead, you can use shoe glue.
  • Avoid having a plastic cover over the boat cover for storing as it can result in mildew.
  • Clean the top of your acrylic cover periodically.

In the end, pontoon boat storage tarps are a great way to make sure your boat is safe and secure.

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