How To Decorate Your First Home In An Appealing Manner

Moving into your first home is such an exciting experience. You’re finally spreading your wings and branching out on your own. Part of that excitement comes in the form of being able to decorate your new space exactly how you want to your own personal taste. No more having to look at your mum’s awful tartan curtains or your dad’s favorite well worn “vintage” armchair. It is your chance to experiment and try new things. Ultimately, you want your home to be low maintenance, easy to clean, practical but also fun, stylish and full of your personality. Many first time home owners make the mistake, however, of going too over the top and decorating so that it resembles a quality street tin. Here are some top tips which will help you decorate your new home in an appealing manner.

Decorate Your First Home


The best colors you can choose to paint your walls is anything that is light and airy. This will create the illusion that rooms are bigger and more spacious than they are. Cream creates a versatile blank canvas for you to work from, while it is also modern, warm and stylish. However, it is usually nice to have a pop of color which will make your home feel more homey and cozy. You could go from anything from lilac, sky blue, mint green or lemon.

Stick To A Theme

To make your home appealing, you should choose a theme and stick to it. If you pick up any interior design magazines they will feature some good theme ideas. For example, if you are the ultimate girly girl your theme may be “shabby chic” for some romanticism, or you could go for a “country cottage” theme. If these aren’t your thing, you could go for minimalist and simple. You could also go wild for leopard print or bold with color. Think about how you want to feel when you visit a room and decorate in a way which will evoke such emotions when you enter.


It can sometimes be underestimated how important storage solutions can be. Buying some good quality designer furniture which doubles as storage is a great way to save space and keep your home neat and tidy. After all, there is nothing worse than a stylishly decorated house that is ruined by clutter left everywhere, so make sure you have places to store things. This could include a chest of drawers, shelves for your DVDs or boxes you can keep under your bed. By including lots of storage in your home, it means that clutter is hidden from view, creating a more calm and attractive home.

Buy Your Own

You will probably be inundated with offers of old furniture from generous family members and helpful friends. Although this will help you save money, your home ends up looking more like a jumble sale as it would be impossible to match furniture to your chosen theme and in fact the furniture may not suit your personal style at all.

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