Guide To Installing Carpet Tiles

If you want to give your home a quick facelift, a simple way to do this is by installing carpet tile. Carpet tiles work wonderfully in high-traffic areas, and they can give you a finished look in a basement and other rooms. Carpet tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.

You can get creative when you install the tile, making it easy for your room to stand out. Carpet tiles are sold at many retail locations, so they should be fairly easy to find (or replace, should the need arise). Once you have an idea of what you want to do, use this basic guide to install carpet tiles. Measure the Room You need to know the exact dimensions of the room to help you purchase enough tile.

Carpet Tiles
Plan the layout of the carpet tile carefully to give you the right pattern. If you already purchased tiles, lay them out in the room before you remove the backing and actually stick them to the flooring. You want to get an idea of what your pattern will look like before you lay the tile.

Once you have the measurements of the room, purchase the tile that you need. Purchase an extra ten percent to allow for mistakes. Since you will need a razor blade to trim some of the tile it is a good idea to purchase several replacement blades.

Make sure the utility knife is strong enough to cut carpeting. Clean the Floor Now that you know what you want to do, you need to prepare the floor. Remove all the furniture from the room, and clean the flooring. You do not want to leave any areas that have dirt or debris, as any kind of dirt will make it harder for the carpet to stick.

It will also cause problems with the appearance of the tile, as small pieces of debris will cause the tile to bubble. If you wash the floor, allow it to dry completely before you start installing the carpet tile. The surface of the floor must be clean and level before you can begin. Prepare for Installation Use two large pieces of string as your guide to install the carpet tile. Lay the two pieces of string diagonally across the room, forming a large X in the center of the room.

Tape the string to the corners of the room. You want to start your tile placement in the center of the X. If you are trying to create a design, use the X as your guide for alternating the tiles. Install the Tile Some carpet tile will have a simple peel and stick surface that you can use. Simply peel the paper off the back of the tile and gently lay it into position.

Some tile will have an adhesive compound that needs to be painted on the floor so the tile can stick to it properly. Purchase some double-stick tape or carpet adhesive to help the tiles stick properly. The carpet tape is particularly beneficial on stairs and around the edges of a room where you often need to trim the carpet tile to fit appropriately.

Adhesive will create a stronger bond in these areas, making it easy for you to get a clean, smooth appearance when you finish. You will need to use about five days of adhesive on each carpet tile to help it attach to the ground properly. Allow the carpet tiles to sit for at least 48 hours after you install them before you vacuum the carpet. This article was contributed by Billy Dunham, a home improvement expert who hopes to help you improve your home even more.

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